Online Survey Programming

Cutting-edge survey programmers can help increase respondent interest, improve participation and allow you to be more innovative.

Today, dipping market research survey participation levels, duplicity of panelists across sample providers/professional respondents and limited attention spans all raise concerns about the quality of data collected via online surveys. It is believed that 1 in 10 online surveys programmed has logic errors, incomplete flow or data quality issues. At Research Illuminous we have developed unique interactive solutions to help address these challenges. We have various quality measures at the time of designing the questionnaires, at the time of scripting and during quality testing. Our expertise in market research survey programming along with in–depth knowledge of survey programming tools enable us to create some of the best online market research surveys for our global clients. Our programming and hosting teams are available around the clock to provide dedicated support, ensuring fast, accurate and reliable responses to your business questions.

We help increase respondent interests and participation levels by creating interactive online surveys that provide a more interesting experience for the respondents. This, in turn, allows us to be more innovative in surveying respondents.

Our Programming Services


Managing Complicated quotas

Undertaking survey deployment

Data exports in various formats

Providing powerful real time/online reporting

Easy to use drag & drop interfaces for rating scales

Priority picks schemes and multi-language surveys

Shelf display (with shopping carts), online advertising testing

Various quality logics, real time tabulation, real time online reports

Using icons and graphics for single-select and multi-select questions

Mobile surveys – highly interactive, entertaining, providing various data points about the respondent and their behavioral patterns over the internet

Videos with ability to rate during playback, making it highly interactive even for our mobile respondents

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