Surveys, Anytime

We are a global online survey programming and sampling company with global panels around the world, making it easier for our researchers to get highly responsive respondents quickly anytime, anywhere!

Research Illuminous, owns and maintains its proprietary panel – SurveyConsensus. We have the most responsive and socially active respondents. Our respondents give an insight to the recent trends making your research data more effective. We have integrated with various third-party companies to ensure high quality data at panel recruitment level and survey level as well.

Our Panel & Profiling

We store about 100 panel profile questions and around 700 sub-profiling questions for a panelist. We make sure to give demos to the panelists on how to fill the rest of the profile and why is it useful for them to provide maximum information.

The profiles are categorized under various heads, such as, Automobiles, Health, Personal Finance, Media, Internet, Shopping, Entertainment, Sports, Travel, Home & Personal Care and Employment/B2B.

Our Panel Members

Our panel members are double opt-in panelists. They are required to fill a registration form on our website and then validate that entry through a confirmation link sent to their active email.

There are various quality measures and checks in place at the time of recruiting and while the surveys are in field. We take utmost care of our respondents and make sure that they provide their honest opinion.

TrueSample®, RelavantID®, Verity® & BOT Detection

Panel – Quality & Security

We invest in technology and ensure to deliver high quality data to our researchers & clients. We have partnered with many third party companies who are industry experts in security checks at the time of recruitment and at various survey levels. .


Sample Validation

We employ TrueSample® Sample Validation which verifies the real-world identity/address of each participant or community member, as there is a strong correlation between identity/address validation and engagement within surveys. 


Verity & Fraud Detection

Further, we utilize Verity® and TrueSample® to detect fraudulent activities and validate the credentials of our respondents and blocks the users with incorrect name, address and other demographic information.  




Digital Fingerprint

We use TrueSample® and RelavantID® digital finger technology which ensures unique respondents in our panel. RelavantID®, identify and blocks duplicate respondents real time while entering a survey.


BOT Detection

We have integrated with Distil Networks BOT detection technology to eliminate BOT traffic before they even hits our servers. This helps us to stop online frauds, cybersecurity threats and ensure only humans are getting into our servers and surveys.  


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