Research Illuminous and Distil Networks join hands together to block Bots!

Tucker, GA – 6/12/17 –

We are thrilled to announce that, Research Illuminous, an online programming, sampling and online panel service provide company integrated with Distil Networks, Inc., the global leader in bot detection and mitigation to block Bots and fraudulent panel activities, ensuring high data quality in their panel.

Research Illuminous is a sampling, online data-collection company that excels in online market research, using carefully and actively recruited respondents. Research Illuminous provides responses of various consumers to the world's leading market research companies through online surveys. Research Illuminous, own its proprietary community, Survey Consensus which provides online panel of respondents across the globe and these respondents contribute their opinion on various products and topics through online surveys.

“Research Illuminous, thrives to maintain the quality of its data and panel so it can provide the most precise response from consumers who uses the products and services day-to- day. The panellists and their privacy is of utmost importance for the company. In the world of completion, it is very important that we constantly upgrade ourselves and find out ways to be on an upper edge than our competitors. Bots are becoming a real threat, particularly when you are in a business like ours and these bots are getting smarter day-by- day,” said Aditya Mukerjee, CEO at Research Illuminous. “Distil Networks’ BOT detection technology eliminates BOT traffic before they even hit our servers. This helps us to stop online frauds, cybersecurity threats and ensure only humans are getting into our servers and surveys, adds Aditya.

"It's getting worse,” says Rami Essaid, Distil’s CEO. “Over the past ten years, they went from just kind of being out there and easy to detect to being really, really sophisticated."

About Distil Networks

Distil Networks is the only proactive and precise way to identify and police malicious website traffic, blocking 99.9% of bad bots without impacting legitimate users.  Only 54% of web traffic originates from humans, so it’s imperative to be able to detect and block automated attacks. Distil gives you complete visibility and control over human, good bot and bad bot web traffic. With Distil, you can put an immediate stop to entire classes of online threats. Slash the high tax that malicious traffic places on your internal teams and web infrastructure and make your online applications more secure with, Bot Detection and Mitigation, API Security, Threat Intelligence. For more information on Distil Networks, visit us at or follow @DISTIL on Twitter.

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