Who is Behind All This!

Research Illuminous is a US based sampling, online data-collection company that excels in online market research, using carefully and actively recruited respondents. With its headquarter in United States, Research Illuminous supplies global sampling and market research intelligence to the world's leading market research companies. With decades of extensive experience, we provide high quality data and hard-to-reach respondents to our clients, making it quite easy for our clients to get responses from all the nooks and crannies of the globe.

We provide responses from real people who, being consumers, provide first-hand information in real time to our clients. With years of experience and studies focused on the behavior of consumers, we have built one of the most profiled and reliable panels in the industry. Carefully and with the help of technology, we profile our respondents in depth, making the respondent more informative and valuable to the world of market research.

We have developed our online panels in various countries and we are still growing! We take pride in providing our clients with the most desired research data through real and highly interactive panelists.

At Research Illuminous, we believe in providing full transparency and accountability. We ensure to deliver high quality data through our panel and survey management tool. With years of experience, we have built one of most profiled and reliable panels in the industry. We always deliver on what we commit to.

We love what we do and we are passionate about our work! We understand the importance of each survey and our team works flawlessly to ensure that each project is delivered as committed by us. We care about your business and know that with each successful delivery, we grow together!

Core Features of the Company

Our mission is to deliver high-quality sample data to our market research clients through highly engaged, responsive and real respondents. We are focused to reach even the hard-to-reach respondents through our panel members, non-traditional sample (NTS), affiliates and millions of respondents available over the internet, putting our researchers at ease with sampling & targeting.
We promise our clients to work closely with them, understand their project needs and specifications. To build a strong sample plan which helps us deliver the project on time. We assure complete transparency, integrity and commitment.
We are a technology based company which enables the sample buyers to choose their suppliers more proficiently, helping our clients to minimize cost on sample procurement. We believe technology plays a significant role in the research world, helping our researchers to achieve survey responses quickly and reporting them accurately. At Research Illuminous, we keep innovating new techniques which helps us to deliver the products in a better way.
Our work is our passion and we love what we do! We care for our clients and make sure to deliver our products and services as per their expectations. We are always available to help our clients whenever they need us, irrespective of the days and time-zones.

Reach out to us on weekends, on holidays, after hours anytime – whenever you need help!
1-323-287-5751 or email us at bids@researchilluminous.com