Meet the team

Aditya Mukerjee

Research Illuminous is founded by market research and online sampling veteran and an ESOMAR member, Aditya Mukerjee (Ady). Research Illuminous has started its online sample and programming operation with a vision to help its clients and market research companies to get their research data in a most convenient and structured manner. The company has developed online panels in US, Canada, UK, Germany, Hong-Kong, France, Italy, Spain, India, China & Japan - still going on! Research Illuminous also has access to over millions of respondents through social media networks and business partners across the globe. The company also provides survey programming services with most advanced features, making the surveys highly interactive for the respondents. It also helps its clients and other companies build their operations/support teams in India as a part of its business incubation services, so that the clients can focus on their core product and deliver without any operational or organizational issues