Responsive Panel

Real, Valid & Responsive Respondents

ResearchIlluminous, owns and maintains its proprietary panel – Survey Consensus. We have the most responsive and socially active respondents. Our respondents gives an insight to the recent trends making your research data more effective.

We provides responses from real people who, being consumers, students & professionals provide firsthand information real time to our clients. With years of experience and studies of the behavior of consumers over internet, we have built one of most profiled, reliable & responsive panel. We, carefully and with the help of technology, profile our respondents in depth, making the respondent more informative and valuable to the world of market research.

Our panel members are double opt-in panelists. They are required to fill a registration form on our website and then validate that entry through a confirmation link sent to their active email. There are various quality measures and checks in place at the time of recruiting and while the surveys are in field. We take utmost care of our respondents and make sure that they provide their honest opinion.


Quality & Security

We invest in technology and ensure to deliver high quality data to our researchers & clients. We have partnered with many third party companies who are industry experts in security checks at the time of recruitment and at various survey levels.

Sample Validation
Digital Fingerprint
Verity & Fraud Detection
BOT Detection
Geo IP and Unique IP check