Global Sampling

We offer the most diverse and fastest growing online research panels, providing access to general population, business professionals, and healthcare.

With the complete understanding of research market, we have spent a lot of effort in recruitment and maintenance to build a high quality online panel to meet our clients’ research needs.

We are committed to provide high quality data to our clients. We have the most modern and technical system through which we ensure high quality checks at panel requirement level & at survey level. We use Verity to validate the accuracy of a member’s credentials and other demographic information. On the other hand, at the survey level, we utilize Relevant ID technology to identify fraudulent respondents based on their information

Consumer Panel

B2B Panel



Consumer panel

Our online consumer panel consists of highly active and interactive respondents. We have a pool of respondents who are motivated and ready to share their opinion real time. Be it adults and teens, single mother, college students, males 15-24, we have access to respondents’ right from the most hard-to-reach to a regular consumer. Our automated respondent management tool helps us to get whomsoever you need to target. We provide quality data, through our various engagement techniques, we make sure that each respondent is thoroughly scanned and registered with us. We have various panel build exercises to ensure that the right respondent is in our database.


B2B panel

It’s not easy to have a B2B professional take surveys. At, Research Illuminous, we make sure that our business professionals are well taken care of. We engage our C-level professionals and other professional business executives through our extensive recruitment program and we have special incentive plans to keep them engaged. Our B2B panel, thus, empowers us to get the right data on time and with the desired quality.



Healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing industries and year after year healthcare companies spend millions of dollars in their research program. We help market research companies to help their clients build useful products and services. We have healthcare professional and their caregivers, thoroughly screened in our panel. Our healthcare panellists are very responsive and this helps our clients to get accurate data whenever they need. We have categorized our healthcare under the categories of, physicians, healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers.